Our Mission Statement

Our Mission

Our mission is to become familiar with the long-term financial goals of our clients and to make those goals our own. We wish to provide a lifetime of energy, discipline, and guidance that will give our clients an understanding that we are working with them to help create and protect their financial nest egg with a clear and serious purpose. We wish to work with our clients to give them the best possible opportunity to reach their objectives within a framework that matches their unique attitudes and personalities as they relate to investing.

Our Vision

Our vision is to satisfy each client's financial desires and to be their lifetime financial partner.

Why Choose J.G. Hendricks Financial Services?

As the founder of J.G. Hendricks Financial Services, Jim Hendricks feels that the main reason to choose J.G. Hendricks Financial Services can be summed up in one word…understanding. We personally take the time to learn and understand what is truly most important to you, whether that's retiring at an early age, traveling, buying a vacation home, putting children through school, financially providing for a loved one, or funding a charity. We then use that understanding to create a plan specifically designed for you. However, understanding doesn't stop there. We also want you to understand how every part of your financial plan ties in with your specific objectives. We want you to understand your particular investments and why you own them. We want  to help you understand what will need to be accomplished in order to meet your goals. Mutual understanding of all aspects of the client-advisor relationship is a cornerstone of our business. We hope that our business will be a cornerstone of your financial future.

Other Benefits of Working With J.G. Hendricks Financial Services

Independent, Unbiased Advice – We are an independent company which gives us the freedom to recommend investments that we feel are best for our clients, without undue influence.

Discipline – We run a highly disciplined practice, from the way we manage investments to the way we schedule client appointments.

Initiative – We take the initiative to contact you when it's time to review your portfolio or when there are changes to be made.

Convenience – We are willing to meet with you in our office, at your dining room table, or anywhere in between. Whatever is most suitable for you.