Hendricks Wealth and Estate Management was founded in 2004.  We keep a "business casual" setting in our office.  We feel that the client should always feel comfortable, and should also feel as though we are speaking with them and to them, instead of at them. We have a proprietary one-page comprehensive financial plan that is created for all clients. This plan is quick and nimble, yet complete.  We work through your specifics to estimate how much you will need annually during retirement, and then factor inflation, Social Security, pensions, other income, investment returns, and desired legacy to determine retirement age and/or retirement income that will be available.  We want clients to feel that they have a sense of direction within the very first hour of meeting with us, and we wish to continue to work with clients to manage and monitor their investments as they progress through their accumulation years and into their distribution years.

We have a systematic method for managing assets that allows us to plan for market downturns before they occur.  In essence, we generally recommend more conservative investments for assets that might be distributed within five years.  Depending upon client risk tolerance and financial objectives, we may recommend more aggressive investments for funds that are more long-term in nature. 

We wish to provide a lifetime of energy, discipline, and guidance that will give our clients an understanding that we are working with them to help create and protect their financial nest egg with a clear and serious purpose. We wish to work with our clients to give them the best possible opportunity to reach their objectives within a framework that matches their unique attitudes and personalities as they relate to investing.