Business Client Services







Hendricks Wealth and Estate Management offers the following services for business clients:

• Retirement Plan Analysis• Retirement Plan Administration

• 401(k) Plans

• 403(b) Plans

• 457 Plans



• Defined Benefit

• Profit Sharing

• Executive Deferred Compensation Planning

• Restricted Stock Transactions


• Estate Planning for Business Owners

• Business Transition Planning

• Group Health Insurance

• Group Disability Insurance

• Group Long-Term Care Insurance

Also, we can work with your existing professional advisors to assist with business valuations, gifting strategies, buy/sell agreements, family limited partnerships, and business organization issues.

During our visits to our businss clients, we consult each employee in a one-to-one, face-to-face setting. We discuss the employee’s retirement plan, as well as personal financial items outside of their retirement plan. We offer to create a personalized financial plan for each participant in your plan. This helps your employees feel good about themselves, which impacts you positively as the employer.

We also discuss any relevant business financial matters with the business owners. We may also discuss the owner’s personal financial plan as it relates to the business.

Our mission is to do everything possible so that we may be the lifetime financial partner of our clients.

Services Provided:

Types of Accounts: (any of these accounts can be established with free checking privileges – normal banking fees may apply. Please contact us for further details)

• Individual

• Joint Tenancy


• 401(k)/403(b)/457 Rollover

• Roth IRA

• 401(k)



• Profit Sharing Plan

• Defined Benefit Plan

• 529

• Education IRA


• Trust


Products Offered:

• Mutual Funds

• Stocks

• Bonds

• Options

• ETF’s

• CD’s

• Money Market

• Term Life Insurance

• Long-Term Care Insurance


Account Features:

(May not be available for all accounts. Please contact us for details.)

• Free online account access

• Free checking

• Debit Card