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Why Choose Hendricks Wealth & Estate Management

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Customized Financial Plans

Financial goals vary from person to person.  That is why we don't believe in using "cookie cutter" financial plans for our clients.  We will work with you to learn your current financial situation as well as your short and long-term objectives.  We then build a customized investment plan with you to help you achieve your goals.

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Plan in Years...Not Percentages

Many advisors work on the belief that a percentage of your current income will suffice in retirement.  While that is true for some clients, we realize that it is not true for the majority. During our planning stage we work with you to determine your current lifestyle expenses, plus any additional financial goals you have, which in turn provides us with a good basis for your financial needs in retirement.  Based on these figures, we build an investment strategy that is based on years of annual distributions.

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Automatic Financial Reviews

Planning is important, but so is making sure that we are staying on track with that plan.  We encourage our clients to meet with us at least once per year to review their financial plan and make any necessary adjustments if there have been any changes to their goals, lifestyle or the market.  We use these meetings as checkpoints along your journey to and through retirement.  We send out calendar invites that allow you to select dates and times that fit your schedule.

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Fiduciary Obligations

As a fiduciary company, we work in your best interest.  We do not use commission based products in our practice.  Instead, we work on a fee structure that is based on the funds that we manage for our clients, therefore, the better our clients do, the better we do.  

When you are ready...

When you are ready to speak with a financial advisor, we ask that you contact us to learn more about how we can assist reaching your financial goals.

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